Supply of Airborne Capacity (Sensors & Platforms)

We are delighted to introduce you to Hindustan Assistant & Logistic Group’s (HALG) Supply of Airborne Capacity services! Our specialty lies in offering survey aircraft and sensors, available through both rental and long-term leasing options. Our meticulously maintained fleet of survey aircraft is outfitted with approved hatches, designed to house an array of sensors and mounts. Backed by our team of seasoned pilots, we guarantee secure and proficient operations for all aerial survey endeavors.

Data Acquisition and Processing Support: We accompany you through every step of the data acquisition and processing journey. Our seasoned professionals focus on refining data collection methodologies and offer continual support to ascertain top-tier results that resonate with your project goals.

Advantages of Collaborating with HALG:

  • Dependable, meticulously-maintained survey aircraft outfitted with approved hatches, ensuring sensor compatibility.
  • A comprehensive selection of high-grade sensors and cameras to cater to diverse needs.
  • Support in integrating sensors into platforms for a seamless operation.
  • Expert training and guidance for streamlined data acquisition and processing.
  • Unwavering, dedicated customer service for the entire duration of your project.

We encourage you to reach out to us today to deliberate on your airborne capacity necessities. Hindustan Assistant & Logistic Group (HALG) is committed to supplying dependable survey aircraft and sensors, complemented by comprehensive training and steadfast support, to ensure triumphant data acquisition and processing in your projects.

Our passion lies in extraordinary and innovative solutions.
Feel free to challenge us with any special requests – we love thinking outside the box!

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