Airborne Data Collection

HALG offers exceptional airborne data acquisition services. With expertise in both manned and unmanned aircraft, we use Aerial Remote Sensing Surveying methods to collect various geospatial data, including LiDAR, high-resolution images, thermal images, and multi-spectral & hyperspectral data.

Tailored Solutions: At Hindustan Assistant & Logistic Group (HALG), we take pride in offering bespoke solutions tailored to meet your distinct requirements. Be it the need for LiDAR data for intricate terrain mapping or thermal imaging for vigilant environmental monitoring, we assure provision of tailored methodologies to achieve your project objectives successfully.

Advantages of Collaborating with HALG:

  • Access to state-of-the-art data acquisition enabled by avant-garde technologies and methodologies.
  • Prompt and effective data gathering, ensuring precision is never compromised.
  • Application of acquired geospatial data to derive meaningful, actionable insights.
  • Effortless amalgamation with your pre-existing workflows and systems.
  • Consistent, dedicated assistance from our team of experts throughout the entire span of the project.

We invite you to get in touch with us today to elaborate on your specific requirements. Allow Hindustan Assistant & Logistic Group (HALG) to aid you in obtaining the necessary geospatial data, distinguished by unparalleled accuracy, superior quality, and optimal efficiency.

Our passion lies in extraordinary and innovative solutions.
Feel free to challenge us with any special requests – we love thinking outside the box!

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